Fuji Fujifilm Finepix

Fuji Fujifilm Finepix

Fuji Z30 cheap Whirlwind White

Fuji Z30 cheap Whirlwind White

This was done to my young cousin – this camera has a zoom lens styles internally, I thought it would be safer for the children of the camera for use in case she fell. More on this later! Surrounding the target is ideal for young children.

But after testing the camera to make sure everything is in order gifts, I fell in love with a Z30. Now I have to go and buy another – I 'm indifferent to Fuji cameras, and I could not miss a good price on it. I can choose Fuji, and this is my Fuji Digital Camera with 8 in 2004.

Z30 is very small – and large bright screen – I have trouble seeing the LCD screen even outdoors in the sun. This small, lightweight and durable in a pocket or small bag.

Since the lens has a cover – and this is how the camera on / off – removable lens cover (eg the first digital camera Fuji), almost no need to purchase a separate issue …. but I'll take the case because I do not like the design in relation to the surface from scratches.

couple of complaints about the camera ideal entry level:

>>> USB port is inside the battery compartment. I do not know why could not have done on the side of the camera, as many others. I fear that opening the battery thin branches unless absolutely necessary. Despite using SD card reader, and not to transfer images via USB cable, have yet to open the tray.

>>> There is no good place to grab a camera in the back of the camera. The entire area consists of an LCD display and buttons. At least, the rear of the chamber of rubber to help with admiration.

But where "with " more than my complaints:

>>> Quick response to open the lens cover to take the first shot
>>> It makes life beautiful, saturated color images
>>> Little response after the flash picture
>>> It has a good video – better than my expensive Panasonic Lumix
>>> Love auctions for group photos in the image 1
>>> SR Cars – without thinking, just point and shoot
>>> Lithium-ion battery – charge lasts a week

One "to " I'll take time to stand out among this before, I love this camera, you can select the normal color, rich color and black and white photographs.

Election saturated colors, installation (which is reached via the shooting menu options), produces almost the same effect as Canon has announced " Effect Project of law "in its new line of Canon Powershot A495 Canon A495 10.1 MP Digital Camera with 3.3 x optical zoom 2.5-inch LCD (red). You can do some art on the wall very well in the selection of this configuration and calibration can be a bit of Picasa.

The bottom line: Fuji is an inlet chamber good level, and I recommend it to anyone looking for easy to use most Digital Cameras (including children) and built more difficult than it seems. An example: after two days I received, I was sitting at the kitchen table when she came out of my hands and hit the floor (near the house built on the stove). I thought the camera was broken, but I turned and it 's no worse for wear. Not even scratched.

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