Fujifilm Finepix

Fujifilm Finepix
Why does my Fujifilm Finepix f200exr have a grainy/noisy look in all the pictures?

I just recently bought a fujifilm finepix f200exr and was wondering why the pictures when zoomed in, all have a grainy/noisy look to them. My last camera, all the pictures were sharp and clear when you zoom in.

Additionally, what is exr? I don’t really understand it.

compacts are getting worse by the year with grain or noise. camera makers are increasing the pixel count, but the image sensor is the same size. Did you know that Digital Cameras from back in the day that were 1 megapixel had an image sensor that was about the same size as the sensor in your camera?

The pixels are too small, they gather very little light and noise and grain and jacked up details are the result, even with good light and low ISO settings.

The only thing you can do is shoot at the lowest ISO you can. When the light level is low, and the flash can reach your subject, force the flash.

You can find all the EXR mumbo jumbo at Fuji’s site. In plain english it’s a way to combat noise with low light, high ISO images. But in all honesty, it’s a band-aid like 120hz LCD TVs. They could fix all of this if they went with the largest image sensor that you usually find in compacts, and then dropped the pixel count to 5 or 6 MP, but they won’t. People have been so brain washed by camera marketing that pixel counts must climb even though it makes things worse not better.

If you want something better in low light, and not super expensive, I’d look for a used Fuji F31d. It was 6MP and uses the largest sensor for compacts. It has decent low light quality for a compact, and when you shoot at low ISO like 100 or 200, and you blow it up, it’s not trash.


samples http://www.dpreview.com/reviews/fujifilmf31fd/page18.asp


It’s kinda sad that we need to look for old digital cameras to get something better than the new models.

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