Giottos Blower Slr

Giottos Blower Slr

Help me, I can not see anything Using My SLR!

The inner workings of digital SLRs based on image sensors. These sensors capture the image, carrying electrostatic charges that attract dust, along with many particles in the air at the same sensors. specific areas, such as dirt fields, beaches or parks, have more dust than others.

We need to save our powder SLR if we get consistent results, this is not an easy battle to win, because dust is different ways to get inside our body of the camera and stick to the sensor. This is especially true when the target is being replaced or is happening when sensors charge – drawing in the dust. Probably the easiest way to prevent dust is changing the lens in a clean place with dust – but no sense change the Camera Lens in a windy area, dust or sand.

It is much better for the changes in a closed room before leaving for a meeting. You can determine if the camera is affected by dust in a simple manner. Snap a picture of a clear blue sky or a smooth white surface, well lit. Shooting without a flash, as f/22 or f/16, and if the camera has a zoom lens, shoot test shots at a wide angle. If the camera is about the speck of dust appear as a soft bubble Instead of a point.

When taking pictures, try holding the camera at a downward angle, while changing the lens to prevent dust from entering from above. Basically, the fixed mirror inside the SLR offers protection for the sensor of dust. The mirror / camera sensor, which can accumulate dust, so must be kept clean to prevent dust from finding its way to the sensor. If you decide to change the lens in the field, try to find a sheltered place. Try to reduce the time of camera is kept open, keeping the replacement lens ready for an exchange.

Giotto Rocket Air Blower is a good product to keep to remove dust of the camera. Reviews have said it is light to carry, but bulky. Apart from that, it's a good product. It effectively cleans with just a puff or two, and is best cleaning the home or studio. Never clean the inside of the chamber with compressed air stored in an aerosol can.

The propellant in aerosol spray can Sometimes a liquid that evaporates quickly leaving a residue on the sensor surface resulting in a malfunction of the sensor. The air blower works much better. The blower air is useful when you are available within easy reach. Helps remove dust mass easily, helping some photographers who use the software editing to remove particles of images, hold their cameras clean.

Another way to avoid the accumulation of dust, if necessary can trigger large-aperture openings. This reduces the depth of field camera and the negative effects of dust can have on an image. However, this should not be a practice such as dust, if allowed to accumulate on the surface of the sensor, reducing its sensitivity.

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