Glass Canon Eos

Glass Canon Eos
I have a Canon Eos 1000F and want to trade it in for a digital model. What would you suggest?

Am looking to spend up to £500, maybe more. It’s got to be quite light as I like to travel a fair bit – the 1000f has been a great friend, it’s just time to go digital. I don’t feel the need for many snazzy features but a fast wind would be a great help. Clarity of shot is the most important aspect – as I’ve been told by numerous people that the digital equivalent won’t compare to my old format in terms of image quality? Is this your experience? In terms of make, I’d like to stay with Canon as I’ve got a few lenses – although I don’t know whether they will work on the new camera. So does anyone also know whether my 70-210 lens, which is old school glass and hard casing – would work on Digital Camera or will I have to buy a new one?

Thanking you in advance

I know the canon eos400 Slr Camera is *highly* recommended – and seems to match if not beat off competition which is even higher priced like the nikon d80. this fits perfectly within your price range (400-500) I believe there is a possibility that your current canon lens may work with this too, although you may need to ask that on a photography forum. I dont think you would be dissapointed with this camera, and remember, its an SLR which is surely a bonus. read the review here

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