Glass Filter Black

Glass Filter Black
Black Algae in Goldfish tank?

I have a 4″ tank and always seem to be fighting black algae. I treat the water with algae clear every 3 days for about 2 weeks but then stop as I don’t want too many chemicals in my tank. I do a 30-40% water change every week, including a vacuum and glass clean. I add enough salts, conditioner, plant fertiliser, biological filter each time I do this. The water itself is crystal clear but this algae just grows on everything! How can I get rid of this algae for good? Any suggestions?
I actually have a 4′, 37gallon or 180L tank.

You can’t really get rid of it ALL, all at once, unless you want to scrub but it will come back.

You could get live plants as this reduces algae, but since algae is already a problem in your tank, the poor plants wouldn’t get established quick enough and they’ll die.

One good idea is, IF your tank is big enough (I don’t know if you mean 40″ instead of 4″) is to get a borneosucker fishh. He’ll rid you of youralgaea, and does live in cold water tanks!

Here is some info about them…

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