Glass Lcd Screen

Glass Lcd Screen

Lcd Screen Replacement Diy

We all know that the LCD monitors are so fragile that they can be easily damaged. Particularly, without the glass shield, the LCD screens are very vulnerable. So when the pressure is put on the LCD screens, there usually occur some common problems for them, like dead pixels. Usually, most of the manufacturers do not offer replacement warranty for the screens with the dead pixels. And a scratched or cracked LCD screen is normally not repairable.

If replacement warranty is not available for you, then it might cost about one-third of the original laptop price to get the LCD screen replaced. But you can try to replace it by yourself. And although you are not technical, it is not difficult to do that. By the way of replacing the LCD screen by yourself, you will save the money on the expanse of the labor and the laptop LCD screen.

First of all, you need to decide if you want a new LCD screen. It is very simple to judge the diagnosis. You only need to connect the external monitor to the laptop through its video output port. By doing so, you can easily verify if the other parts of the laptop still function. If there is no problem with other parts of laptop, then it is time to replace the LCD screen. And when replacing it, you should be very cautious, because the cables, internal parts and sockets of the laptop are so fragile that they are easy to rip off, to crack, even to brake.

Besides, you should check the current LCD screen before you purchase a new one. You need to locate the necessary part numbers of the original LCD screen to ensure that you get the right replacement model. And you should only need a small screwdriver for most of the laptops. But there is one point you should remember, that is, you have to remove the laptop battery and disconnect the power supply before you replace the LCD screen.

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