Graduated Neutral Density

Graduated Neutral Density
Neutral Density Filter? or polarizer?

Click OK. Someone once told me that for all landscape photography, a circular polarizer is use? What are the benefits to using one. I thought these are only used to carry out relections glass water. Besides, what exactly a neutral density filter is used? From what I can say, If I Mave a maximum shutter speed of 1000. I have 400 speed film in my camera and if it's a very bright, and I'm taking a picture of a mountain goat, for example .. the camera can adjust the aperture to f8. However, to be creative, and as shuuter can not set my speed and higher, I use a density filter 3 times to bring me up to f 2.8 so you get a nice background blur .. Is that the idea? Does any other uses? It is also a neutral density filter graduated differently? Thanks

I have a polarizer and 4ND filter on my computer when I'm outside shot. You are correct about both. The circular polarizer is for use with auto-focus lenses (which work well in non-AF-lenses too). It is used in landscape photography to darken the sky and make clouds stand out. They work best at 90 degrees to the position of the sun in its arc across the sky. ND filters I can use all long shoots me sun exposure. I like to shoot at 1/8th or 1/15th of a second, while panning fast moving objects (cars racing, riders, motorcycles, etc)

Using Graduated Neutral Density filters with Overlay (Extraordinario).wmv

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