Green Nylon Pouch

Green Nylon Pouch

Jungle King 14 "Hunting knife with nylon sheath

If you are the type of nature lover who likes to be prepared for any situation, then this is the hunting knife for you. The Jungle King 14-inch hunting knife features a drop point stainless steel blade with a top of mountains. The handle and guard (Which are solid metal) are textured and ribbed. It's a solid 14-inch knife feeling that comes with a nylon bag of high quality. Injection molding sheath comes with jungle military green cord wraps and lanyard.

The survival kit comes with various attachments for use in nature if you are hunting, camping, fishing or hiking. These items include: a skinning knife multi-function, can opener, throwers, a slingshot, matches, compass, sewing kit, a fishing kit, plasters, tweezers, signaling mirror and more. The knife comes with 2 storage compartments: one in the handle which seals with a rubber ring for those items that need protection from moisture. Everything else can be stored in a bag in nylon bag.

Although href = ""> Knife Jungle King appears as a hunting knife, it is easy to deduce that it can also be used as a survival knife. So if you are pressed for space in your duffel bag or hunting gear, the Jungle King 14-inch href = ""> hunting knife is a real space saver that can fill many holes on any hunting trip.

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