Guard Protector Canon

Guard Protector Canon

Big Guns Go for Big Bucks at Smythe Sales of shipwreck artifacts, currency, stock certificates, and notes Obsolete

Manhattan, New York – November 13 2007 – Over 5500 lots includes an intriguing mix of historical paper, currency, stock certificates and artifacts recovered from the 1784 shipwreck "El Cazador" were greeted by enthusiastic bidders at Smythe & Company. One week, four of the auction, whirlwind of sales ending November 1 realized a total of 1,259,250 hammer U.S. dollars.

Among the more notable offerings were a pair of 18th century Spanish bronze cannon breech loaded. They were of typical form, measuring 39 1 / 2 "long and weighing 200 pounds each. Canon These were marked with the Bourbon arms of Charles III on their barrels. Each cannon realized $ 10,925

"With four auctions closing in such a short period, it was a busy week for us at Smythe." Said Mary Herzog, Vice President of RM Smythe & Co. "The artifacts The 'Hunter' shipwreck has brought us a great interest, but we also saw the bidding activity very strong among many from other batches. "

Other notable auction sales include:

Lot #: 2065 Estimate-$ 1,250-2,500 United States of America 5/11/1779. Virginia. # 21. Twenty Dollars 24 livres. Red. Sheet of three certificates. Anderson US-99. Hessler X32C.Signed by Armistead and Francis Hopkinson, signer of the Declaration Independence. Break in the top right of the above certificate, otherwise VF. Realized – $ 4830

Lot #: 2062 Commonwealth of Virginia 12/22/1781. # 10,201. Earth Treasury procurement exercise. Acres/800 500 Pounds. Issued to and signed boldly on the back of Daniel Boone. Unlisted in Anderson. Good, but with a age tone. Broken folds have been repaired by experts. The ink is light with a thin spot on the back of the document. Realized – $ 8625

Lot #: $ 3490 800-1200 Budget-RI. Wakefield, South Kingston. South County Bank. $ 25. 1850s. (RI-515 G16). The proof is in the role of India. Men working at the foundry, top; Indian girl as freedom, to the left a young woman sitting with glass, to the right. CTP. VF-EF. Realized – $ 2990

Lot #: 1596 Colombia. 8 Escudo, 1780NR JJ. Carol (us) III. 50.1 KM. (NGC MS-63). obv.: Armored bust, facing right. rev.: arms, crowned with the Golden Fleece collar. Nicked neck. small blackened visible under magnification places around. Realized – $ 9200

Lot #: 2662-MA $ 3000-5000 budget. Boston. Bank Market. $ 2. 1860s. (MA-265 G16a SENC). Full red tint lathe. Proof on India paper mounted on cardboard. Group of moose in a stream. Corn basket lower left and right lower male portrait. A complex fabric color from work around Cyrus Durand patents with the city and the title interwoven with guards naming a repeating pattern through the note. An absolutely stunning impression. The India paper mounted directly to a gilt edged card with a wide margin back of the guard tissues of the album presentation. The only thing we've managed in this series. The only note in this series other Bank's market by the National Bank Note Co. we have seen was Denly note collection came from the January 2002 CAA Sale. This example has small POC and reassembled in the smart card in width. Some wrinkles on the edge India minor. NBN. Choice Uncirculated. Realized – $ 6325

Lot #: 1594 Spain. 1 / 2 Escudo, 1754M JB. Fernando VI. KM 378. (Obv NGC AU-58). dark area behind the head. rev. die break above "ISP." In this grade, a mail bidder selected will be a pleasant surprise. Realized – $ 7762

Lot #: 1595 Colombia. 8 Escudo, 1779NR JJ. Carol (us) III. 50.1 KM. (NGC MS-64). obv.: Armored bust, facing right. rev.: arms, crowned collar of the Golden Fleece. Mild rolling on the cheek, and rubbed his forehead out of the gem. Done – $ 14,950

Lot #: 1314 much evidence of American bulk Eagle in original mint packaging. Lot includes: 1) 1986 Silver Eagles (10) 2) 1987 Silver Eagles (5) 3) 2004 Silver Eagles (2) 4) 1986 One oz Gold Eagles (7) [24] Realized – $ 6050

Lot #: 1278 1799 Details Small Stars BD-7 NCS AU, Damaged. R-3. A nice shade of yellow gold, and despite its flaws has decent visual appeal. The damage that the owner of the NCS appointment seems limited only to the edges. Realized – $ 9200

Lot #: 2164 Note U.S. Treasury (USA) Act of October 12, 1837. Hessler X-99I, rarity 8. Model. Allegorical richness. Mercury, on the left. Justice, right. In 1837 a depression hit United States (Panic of 1837). To raise funds the government issued notes with interest, in denominations of $ 50, $ 100, $ 500 and $ 1000, which were redeemable one year after issuance. blank notes to be issued for other names could be written in. The interest rate that was also varied to be written in. Ex Mittendorf Collection. Tipped into large sheets. EF. Realized – $ 6325

Lot #: 2133 Standard Oil (OH) 1875. # 6. 100 shares. Black. Building Capitol. Liberty with flag and sword ("The Standard Bearer"). The original Standard Oil, founded by John D. Rockefeller and signed by him as president. Also signed by Henry Morrison Flagler as secretary and again in the heel. Issued and signed in the heel by Charles Pratt. Slightly canceled in red pencil through the bullet and official signatures, hardly distracting. A very important piece of American financial history of the early days of one of the most important industries United States. VF +. Realized – $ 4600

All prices include a premium of 15% of buyers. A full list prices of all 5500 + lots including photos and realized can be seen online at:

Accredited media interested in scheduling an interview to talk about this notice or in the past or upcoming auctions are advised to contact Mary Herzog at 212-943-1880

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