Hand Grip Strap

Hand Grip Strap

Historical Hand Guns and covers World War II

These guns were of the "Framm" design and manufactured between 1941 and 1944. It is a gun blow-back operated in the chamber 7.65 mm Auto and comes with a removable round 7.

The German government contracted for 50,000 of the type pistols Auto 7.65 1937 with pro-Axis Hungary in 1941. Were mainly ordered for the Luftwaffe. Been issued guns were identical to the M-1937, but after the birth had begun, Luftwaffe requested a manual safety is added to production pistols.

The Security Manual has been added to the left rear of the frame. It was in this point that the slide was changed from brand FEMARU FEGYUER EN GEPGYAR RT 37 '' P. MOD. DSI 7.65 37 "with the German label Waffenaenment acceptance. It concealed the manufactured in accordance with the German system. The production was extended until 1944 ending with approximately 85,000 have been manufactured. The production '37u 'Was not under German occupation since the production was completed before this in 1944.

The covers have a history of its own. There were at least three were available with the gun for years production. There were two Hungarian holsters available during the years of manufacture. One was a Leather Case with the top flap overlapping the bag magazine that was secured by a Leather Strap attached to the bottom edge of the holster and pulled upward to fasten over a metal stud.

A second Hungarian supplied was based on a combined fabric / leather construction. The top flap leather strap was attached to the flap itself and hung meet and join a post which excels. The third was a German made case with 'cdc' code of Kern & Co. Lederwaren Klager, Berlin. The code was stamped on the leather belt holster. The Germans used the cover for it and the M1922 Browning p37.

The CG Haenel Co. was located in Suhl Germany and settled in 1840. It was not until 1921 that the company began to manufacture semi-auto pistols. This was after Hugo Schmeisser was hired as an engineer of the companies' chief.

There were two models of this gun that I know of. The model-1 was 6.35 2.48 caliber with "a barrel. There was a magazine shot six and weighing 13.5 ounces Side left of the slide was marked with a "CG Haenel Suhl-Schmeisser Patent. The control panel was marked" SA "in an oval. … Model 2 was same design, but only had a 12 oz 2 "barrel and weighing only. and had" Schmeisser "molded into the handles.

The value of a Mauser Broomhandle will find it difficult to establish is only part of a collection and one of which can not inspect. Rusty addition, other issues in relation to the model 1896 (Broomhandle) referred only to the collector.

To start there are over 30 different models and variations of the Broomhandle and also many different retail values. I have no way of knowing what model the weapon in question may be.

Another issue to mention here is that the retail values will also vary due to the combination of values / holster. A correct matching set will add 40% to the value of 1896. no matching stock / holster will add between $ 350 and $ 600.

In addition, over the years there have been large numbers of Mauser Astra Broomhandle and copies imported into the U.S. It is in fair to poor condition and have been offered for sale at relatively low prices mostly as parts guns. During recent years these very common pistols have been "converted" to "rare, exotic, near mint, original" specimens selling four figures.

Since it is impractical to try to list 30 + values X about a half dozen set of prices, I can report that a standard wartime commercial model in "good" condition has a retail value of about $ 800. That said, other changes in prices climb as high as $ 10,000.

A Rework 1920 sells for about $ 500 in "good" condition. Post war models as low as $ 600 in "good" condition. There are some Chinese copies sold for as little as $ 350 in "good" condition. The P38 is a very wide description of a series of Walters.

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