Hand Strap Canon

Hand Strap Canon

Sd1200Is Canon – good camera, but some things you need to know

Found this to be an attractive and Compact Camera with a lot of great features listed in other reviews. I am not an expert in the chamber would not comment on how it compares to other models.
Only two important, practical things to know:

1) this camera does NOT come with a memory card, the really important information to know whether to use it immediately the day you get it. No memory card photos …. no. Might as well go ahead and get an order, while the camera. This adds another $ 20 – $ 25 price of the camera, so you can consider when comparing this cost.

2) The camera is compact enough to fit in a pocket that is great, but it is almost too small for someone with large hands to operate comfortably. Also, the finish is nice, but so soft that it is very easy to get out of hand. Using the Wrist Strap every time it is crucial if you hope to do so without dropping it.

Canon SD1200IS – Great camera

I previously owned a Canon Powershot SD450 for 3 years. This summer do not retract my lens and I got a message E18 error. Instead of spending lots of money trying to repair it, I decided to buy a new camera. After debating between a Nikon Coolpix and Canon Powershot SD1200IS, Based on customer feedback I went to the Canon. I'm very glad I did. The camera was cheap, easy to use, lightweight, and has great pictures.

I went hiking in the mountains on a day when the sun kept coming in and out of the clouds. The camera automatically adjusts itself depending on the amount sunlight is ignored. My pictures look super! I also went to get a good picture in a dimly lit restaurant. When I take a quick picture, do not have to worry about fucking with lighting, the camera automatically does the work for me. If I could ask for an improvement, I would have liked a bit more zoom, but overall the camera is large.

Canon SD1200IS – Novato Digital Camera user

I love this camera. I'm pretty loyal to my cameras point and shoot, but after losing some great shots because they ran out of film on vacation, I decided to check out Digital Cameras. After read the comments on the Canon PowerShot, I decided to take the plunge and have not been disappointed. It's small and fits easily into my purse. I'm still in a curve learning with all its features, but it's pretty cool. The online manual is very helpful, but I wish there was a leaflet. For information about the different settings, you need to revise the manual.

At some point when I have the inclination, I'm going to print. So far I have found it easy to use and my photos have turned out really nice. I have a tendency to move the camera when I take a picture to aid stability control. I have also used a suggestion another user to adjust to fit children and pets to help with the movement of subject. I have not had a problem with the buttons, but I have big hands. I have looking forward to having the camera on my next vacation, where I will have the opportunity to try the beach and aquarium settings. Along with the size of the camera and quality of the image, I love the fact that I can only set in automatic mode or use the different settings. It's just a great little camera for me.

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