Hand Strap Grip

Hand Strap Grip

3-in-1 kit Anti-Slip Protection for Wii Remotes

Have you been looking for a kit of anti-slip protection for your favorite commands Wii? I will present a 3-in-1 Kit Anti-Slip Protection for Wii controls. This is the Wii Remote Controller 3in1 Slippery Proof Kit, stylish protective film to prevent scratches on the surface of your remote control. slippery rubber test battery cover is ideal for providing a better grip to enhance gaming feel. To strengthen the Wrist Strap to ensure that the remote does not fall off your hand. Package comes with protective film, cover Battery and belt.

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1. Stylish protective film to prevent scratches on the surface your remote control.
2. Slippery proof and rubber battery cover is ideal for providing better grip to enhance gaming performance.
3. Strengthen the wrist strap to ensure remote control does not fall off your hand.
4. Package comes with a sheet protector, battery cover and belt.

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