Hand Strap Olympus

Hand Strap Olympus

Travels through Cyprus

The old goat herder in front of his flock. Stick in hand, leads the eye of experience. His hat aged keeps the sun from his face unshaven.

His pants have seen better days gradient and use a belt around his waist roughly. Your brakes are in fact two of the elastic straps used to tie your luggage to the car roof.

As the sun beats down on the plains of Agia Marina that his goats herds to new pastures and other day of joy.

When your country has suffered 9,000 years of constant invasion, any outbreak of hostilities, he was received with appreciation.

Cyprus is a blend of many influences. invading Turks, Greeks, Muslims and Christians have set foot on this sacred land and left their mark.

Mosques and churches Christians are side by side as a reminder of the past often turbulent and violent of Cyprus.

However, when free from the shackles of the conflict, Cyprus is a place of beauty and discovery. The Byzantine churches, including the Troodos Mountains are an essential experience.

The sense of history and culture is overwhelming as you travel through mountain passes and marvel at the ancient architecture.

For a true sense of loneliness cycling through the barren land Karpas peninsula or the beaten path hiking Mt.

The crystal clear waters of Cape Greco provided a wealth of opportunities for swimming and diving.

When the sun sets, the Cyprus nightlife you dancing until dawn. Young people tend to make their way to the large contingent of pubs British in Agia Napa.

The brand most learned of their way to the traditional cafes and bars in Cyprus. Here you can drink raki, local brandy made distilled from grapes.

If you're hungry, try the lamb dish baked kleftiko, or another local favorite mezedes.

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