Handycam Camcorder Case

Handycam Camcorder Case

Simly Perfect Digital Camcorder

The Flip Ultra, the second shot and a better version of the original Flip digital camcorder from Pure Digital market by the storm. With its simplicity of use, great video quality and small size, the Flip Ultra digital camcorder can be called the "just perfect" digital Video Camera.

Compared Features:

Unlike Sony Handycam Series Ultra Flip screen is small (1.5 inches) and not open to the outside to take self-portraits.

No photos yet. Unlike other traditional Digital Cameras such as Canon DC series there is no configuration menu buttons, no light, no lens cap and no memory card.

Unlike the Canon GRD-250 which boasts a powerful optical zoom, the Cover lacks optical zoom, only a 2 x Digital Zoom.

And while video cameras Sony Digital Handycam were created to be compact like a tank Compared to the Flip Ultra pocket companies.

Unlike the complicated menu buttons on the GRD-250, Canon, Flip Ultra digital camcorder has three buttons, play, stop and trash. Not even a battery pack, AA battery operated.

While other digital camcorders, including Sony and Canon use different storage media of recordings, such as DVD drives, flash or MiniDV tapes, Flip Ultra has no tapes or discs, all images are downloaded to through attached USB connector, which goes 90 degrees to the camera.

USB that plugs into a computer and footage is downloaded to the PC, which can be played, copied to a hard drive and burn to DVD and, of course, edited in most standard editing programs. There is also a special cable to connect to a TV view images directly.

The process of filming:

Press the red button once to record and once it stops. Press play to review the video. Press to eliminate waste any scenes. That's it! With this ease of use of the Flip Ultra digital camcorder is a perfect fit for even the most novice of users.

Size matters:

Unlike Digital Video cameras and traditional to the more compact models such as the Sony Handycam, the Flip Ultra can go anywhere and everywhere, like a purse, beach bag, or pocket. It is very tough so you can take skiing, to the playground, while playing a sport and virtually anywhere you might need to shoot some clips. There is even a acrylic Accessory Case that allows you underwater!

Video Quality:

With all this simplicity and low retail price under $ 150, the Flip Ultra digital camcorder that offers an amazing sound image quality comparable to it is more sophisticated counterparts, such as Sony and Canon models. It has TV resolution (640 x 480 pixels, 30 frames per second).

The most striking feature of the Flip Ultra, especially considering it's simplicity compared to more traditional brands and sophisticated digital camcorder is the ability of low light, which triumphs even the most expensive digital camcorders. Not only is the video grain-free, but the scenes actually recorded subdued look brighter than it seemed at first glance.

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