Hard Glass Lcd

Hard Glass Lcd

Help, I broke the glass on my MacBook Pro!

We heard this several times each day TechRestore, followed by additional comments as "Apple said he needed a new full screen and it would cost $ 1,200! "Or" The computer dealer that led him to say there is no way to replace only broken glass on my MacBook Pro. "

Well, we have good news for you!

Since late 2008, Pro MacBook is a thin piece of glass installed in the top of the LCD screen at the factory. This glass is a few different purposes:

1. Fortaleza: glass helps make your home screen rigid and, in theory, stronger. But if you're reading this article to break the glass on the MacBook Pro, then you may be concerned, right?

2. Color – there is no doubt that the colors displayed on the screen of the MacBook Pro are more vivid, brighter and rich when presented through the glass. The fact that the glass has a look like a mirror is another issue altogether and will be covered in our next article.

glass OK, back to you broken on the MacBook Pro TechRestore can help, we can help you quickly and we can do financially. We Certified Apple has mastered the technique of removing the glass in the MacBook Pro systems and the installation of a replacement vessel. Our method of replacement glass factory that look exactly like the original glass and our unique "factory-fit" process, the MacBook Pro will look like it did before the glass cover LCD screen broke.

And the best part, we perform this service for customers all over the U.S., with more than 2000 local pickup. In even better news carry out the repair within 24 hours once we receive your MacBook Pro The cost is only $ 299, which is only slightly better than $ 1,200, right? And finally, we include a 1-year warranty and 1-year of phone support for repair. That is fine.

For more information MacBook Pro on glass replacement and repair, just visit the website at TechRestore http://www.techrestore.com or call 1-888-572-7372 if you can not see anything through the broken screen.

Help is on the way!

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