Hitachi Digital Camcorder

Hitachi Digital Camcorder
How do I get videos onto my computer from a camcorder disc?

Ok so I have a HITACHI Digital Camcorder and it requires discs (DVR discs I believe) to record. So I can put those discs in the camcorder and watch the videos I recorded but I can’t upload those videos to my LAPTOP. I put them in, nothing happens. I go to My computer, and click ‘disc’ or w/e it says, nothing happens.

To describe the discs:
they are small and round (duhh lol)
they are DVD-R Video recordable, maxwell 30 min. 1.4 GB discs.

Can anyone help me??

You will have to ‘finalise’ the mini DVD first – your camera manual will tell you how to do that – but you should note that once a DVD is finalised you cannot record any more video on it.

then try it this way

Use a programme called Ulead VideoStudio – you take the mini-disc out of your camcorder and put it into the DVD tray of your PC making sure it sits centrally in the little depression made for it.

Inside VideoStudio you select “Insert DVD” and point the programme at the DVD and follow the prompts and the video is copied from the disc into the timeline of VideoStudio so that you can edit it – add lots of different videos together – add titles/music/narration – make a file that you can e-mail or upload to ‘Youtube’ etc. and finally burn to a full size DVD to play in a standard player.

Full details and a one month free trial of VideoStudio from :-



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