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Requirements For Solar Power Solar Energy Panels

The image of a large, dark-blue panel atop a solar-powered rooftop Supplying Electricity is now familiar. Relatively Though FEW homes Have them, Thousands of magazine stories Have Been Written over the past 30 years Accompanied by photos Depicting them. Because of Their relative rarity, Have Become Such systems Regarded as' the wave of the future ', Always With That future just out of reach. The sticking points are Always cost solar panels and energy efficiency.

There But are dozens of cost-effective solar-panel Applications available today.

Lawn lights are a popular example. They eat in the form of stakes about a foot long with lights mounted on the stake. On the top of the light energy are small solar panels. They do not generate much power, but not much is needed for them to do the job. Quickly They Can Be Placed Since They require anywhere No wires. They Can Last for Years Without Any maintenance Since They use no batteries and the bulbs are ultra-Long lasting.

Purely calculators are solar powered That Have Been Decades in use for now. But That same technology has recently expanded to Encompass Been laptops. Currently Though They Do not generate enough power to run a standard hard drive or monitor, solar power Has Been Combined with new Inventions That to make unnecessary. They use something organic Called cells.

A standard solar cell uses layered wafers of silicon doped with phosphorus. But Other elements and more complex molecules are Also subject to the Photoelectric effect. Many organic molecules will shoot off electrons When struck with light. Currently They're Not as efficient, But They make up for it by Being flexible and super cheap. They Can Be Incorporated Into Certain inexpensive plastic alloys.

That makes it possible to make an affordable keyboard That dog monitor or be folded or rolled-up. With this technology, it's possible to roll up a computer like a newspaper and tuck it in your pocket. Then, it's unrolled When you want to use it and powered by the available light.

There are yet many more Applications That Can be powered by a solar system. One common use is electrical fencing. Whether You Need to Power a dog or a cattle retainer barrier system, low voltage systems are Often Used to keep animals in check. A small stun does harm, But It's Often enough to keep them from wandering Outside the perimeter. Many standard can jump over fencing, But electrifying the system discouraged the Attempt.

Powered boats, like cars, That Have batteries and start the engine power small electrical devices When the engine is off. Running lights, speedometer and more. Those batteries But Need to Be Recharged after-use. In the usual case, the engine running the battery recharger, putting back the power needed to start it.

But, Clearly, the Fact That battery chargers exist Always Means That method does work. However, when you're out on the water, and in many cases Even when you're near the shore, it's Difficult or impossible to use a standard charger. Electrical outlets Are not universal in docks and nowhere on the water. A solar-powered dog eats in handy charger just When You Need it most.

That same dog recharge the battery charger in your RV just as easily. But Beyond That emergency use, a solar-powered Can be useful system for an RV in lots of ways.

Many times an RV is stationary, with STI engine off. Have Some generators to power the RV at Those Times. But generators are noisy and consume gasoline or diesel, Producing foul smelling fumes. Not Exactly What You Want When You're Enjoying the fresh air outdoors. A dog solar power supply system at least part of the energy needed. It can run a radio, power to DVD and / or TV, or a small refrigerator.

Electricity generation isn't Either the only possible application. Water heating is a popular home-oriented application for solar power.

Small Can be used parabolic dishes to focus the sun's energy Into a small area. Then That energy is Transmitted to a water storage system. Not Such systems are all inside the house Solely for Either. The hot water supplied Can be used to bathe the dogs or Outside Provide an alternative to washing the car with cold water.

In Fact, Any kind of chore is washing with warm water Usually Easier and water from the hose gets cold quickly. A solar heating system Can Provide a reservoir of warm water to wash the exterior of the windows, supply to sink in the garage and Other uses around the house and garage.

Solar energy panels today are more efficient systems and lower cost than ever. They Provide freedom from dependence on the utility companies for all your electrical and hot water needs. That makes them a good deal.

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