Iii Sdhc Card

Iii Sdhc Card
Canon Powershot TX1 – memory card? SanDisk?

I read a review that said “If you’re mostly shooting still images then I’d suggest a high speed 1GB card as a good starter size. If you’re doing lots of 720p movies then I would go for something like a 4GB SDHC card.”

Would this work with the camera “SanDisk 4 GB Extreme Iii Sdhc Card with MicroMate USB 2.0 Reader (SDSDRX3-4096-A21, Retail Package)”?

I would expect so. The 720p video will use up memory very quickly. I’d suggest purchasing a second card as prices fall. Download to computer frequently to free up card space and safeguard your work.

Check this site:

and this one:



sandisk 16GB Extreme Iii Sdhc Card