Ion Battery Sony

Ion Battery Sony

Sony Photo Digital Cameras

Sony is one of the best photo Digital Camera producers and this result is confirmed especially by their clients, who almost never complain regarding the product quality. Sony Photo Digital camera offer is wide ranging from 2 mega pixel cameras to over 8 mega pixel. In the following lines I will describe some Sony photo digital cameras characteristics with a variable price from several hundred dollars to over a thousand.

Cybershot Dsc-T10 is a high performance Sony photo digital camera that is in many ways alike its predecessor the T30. What I like about it is the SteadyShot Optical Image Stabilizer that helps you take a decent shoot even in harsh conditions. Among its features I will point the 7.2 mega pixels, decent optical zoom 3x, Automatic focus and exposure, supports JPEG format, a movie mode with sound and 2.5 inch LCD. This Sony photo digital camera comes with 56 MB internal memory and Li-Ion battery.

Sony Alpha a100 is a true SLR (Single Lens Reflex), and if we are fair it is the first Sony photo digital camera real SLR. Many like to say that the A100 is the successor of the K-M Maxxum. Here are its specifications: an impressive 10 mega pixels, very nice Lens Sony Alpha/Minolta A-Type. This Sony photo digital camera has image stabilization; it can switch between auto and manual focus and exposure, ISO 80 – 1600; it supports JPEG and RAW formats and has lithium – ion battery.

CyberShot H5 is a Sony photo digital camera with an awesome 12x optical zoom and 7.2 MP sensors being one of the best offers on the market. It comes with a larger LCD of no more then 3.0 inch LCD which is really nice especially if you want to actually use de 12x optical zoom. Check the specifications: 7.2 mega pixels combined with a 12x optical and 2x Digital Zoom. The CyberShot H5 Sony photo digital camera has optical image stabilization and can turn from auto to manual focus or exposure, ISO 80 – 1000, it supports JPEG format and has a nice movie mode, 2AA batteries, a 3.0 Inch Lcd Screen and a 32MB internal memory.

CyberShot T50 is one of those Sony photo digital cameras that won’t stop selling, because they’re good, affordable with a nice and attractive look. The Sony photo digital camera comes in 3 colors silver, black and red. Its sensor has 7.2 mega pixels, the screen is more then enough 3.0 inch LCD, and its optical image stabilization option is a life savior. It has 7.2 mega pixels, 3x optical zoom and a 2x digital zoom, an auto focus and exposure and it supports JPEG format. You can make movie with sound, ISO 80 – 1000, internal memory of 56 MB, Optical Image Stabilization and 3.0 LCD, and the batteries are also good lithium – ion.

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