Kit Canon Powershot

Kit Canon Powershot

CANON BP-511 Camera Battery Replacement BP-511/511a

Canon BP-511 camera battery is a high capacity lithium battery 1600mAh Ion BP-511, the BP-511A replacement. Made of battery cells reliable and durable, can provide durable and stable power to a wide range of Canon cameras also eg Canon Eos 5D, 10D, Kiss, Canon Powershot G1/G2/G3/G5/G6.

A spare battery Canon BP-511 is an essential element in the Canon EOS 10D, Canon EOS 300D Digital Rebel or Canon EOS D60 kit.

The package of Canon BP-511 Battery is a Lithium-Ion – as maintenance free as the current crop of Digital Camera batteries to get. The manual says simply that the use and charge them as you wish.

My personal recommendation is to have at least two Canon BP-511 Battery. Keep one in the camera, hold the other (s) is fully loaded in the bag – ready for immediate use. Give each battery full discharge / charge cycle of each application can not be bad.

The BP511 is a Li-ion battery. The good thing of Li-ion batteries do not suffer from memory effect "that NiCad and NiMH tend to. This means you can charge whenever you want, regardless of whether they are half full or completely empty. Not a good practice to raise prices though. Li-ion batteries are also generally provide a longer duration than other battery types, and have less weight as a bonus. Normally, however, tend to me more expensive – as surely horses for courses.

Canon BP-511 Specification:
Chemical LI-ION
Voltage 7.4V (compatible with 7.2 V)
Capacity 1600mAh
Dimension 55.10×38.20×21.00mm

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