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Kodak Easy

Kodak Easyshare Cameras – Easy To Operate

Kodak has recently introduced new easy share Digital Cameras that come with appealing look and an array of colours. These cameras are presently three EasyShare camera lines, “series” that can be divided into three classes i.e. EasyShare Point and Shoot (C series), EasyShare Sleek & Stylish (M-Series) and EasyShare Perfomance (Z series). In C-series, Kodak Easyshare Cameras are entry-level, low-priced, point and shoot digital cameras.

Kodak C180 comes with a wonderful 10.2 MP sensor camera that produces stunning prints up to 30 X 40 inch. If you have a camera equipped with more megapixels, it means that you can crop the image and can get a great snap. With 3x optical zoom lens, the camera allows us to capture crisp details as well as zooms in to our subjects without any loss in picture quality. Kodak Easy Share cameras come with easy to operate features. Kodak C180 boasts of Kodak Easyshare System that enables us to share, edit, create and organize our captured pictures in a simple way. It also allows us to upload and share our favorite pictures and videos to Kodak gallery and YouTube via share button & Kodak Easyshare Software. So just press and upload photos of your loved ones. With 2.4″ LCD display, an individual can view the shots with true clarity. Apart from these features, the camera also comes with fascinated features like Face Detection, Blur reduction, Kodak Perfect technology, HD capture in 16:9 format, scene modes, 16 MB internal memory and many more features. If you want to know more about this elegant camera, you can find details at www.bagittoday.com.

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