Kodak Easyshare Camera

Kodak Easyshare Camera

Review of the Kodak Easyshare M1093 IS

There are many cheap Digital Cameras to choose from in the market today. A good option for those who want affordable a point and shoot camera is the Kodak EasyShare M1093 IS.

Weighing more than five ounces, the Kodak EasyShare M1093 is a slim Digital Camera 10 megapixel 3x optical zoom and a 3-Inch Lcd Screen that is priced under $ 200. It offers optical and electronic image stabilization works with a Lithium Ion Battery Rechargeable lasts up to 200 shots. The EasyShare is available in black, silver or red and 720p HD movie capture with four standard modes of photography. The controls are fairly easy to use, and photos can be tagged for easy sharing.

Although the quality EasyShare Gallery for is generally very good and the colors are bright and vivid, especially for its class, which still suffers from the degradation between ISO 200 and 400, most notably indoors and in low light. Because the distortion is not recommended that the photos will be printed larger than 4×6. The performance is standard, with a time of acceptable shutter of 0.5 to 1 second. The start time is also on average, nearly three seconds.

Overall, the Kodak EasyShare M1093 is a good choice for those who want an inexpensive, thin and light point and shoot digital camera. Optical image stabilization and ease of operation are those that distinguish other models in this class. However, the picture quality is still average, and performance is only standard at best. This camera is probably best suited for someone who is starting with photography.

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