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Most of us ask, what is probably the difference between the point and shoot Digital Cameras cameras Digital Slr? The features could be the same, so does the performance, but in reality this is not the case. The catch is that SLR digital cameras work in a design scheme reflects, not their digital counterparts.

The scheme design is digital Slr Cameras allow the camera to screen be used as a viewfinder constantly expose the sensor to the light projected by the lens. The light from the scene can reach either the viewfinder or the sensor, according to the viewing position of the mirror reflection. The old models of digital SLR cameras do not have live preview, but the option has been accepted in SLR models latest digital.

Professional photographers prefer digital SLR on the other, because they provide an accurate preview of framing around the time of exposure and depth of field. large sensors are the other major reason why many professionals prefer to other Compact Digital SLR, Digital as relatively large sensors ensure similar depths of field and angle of image formats of film.

Cameras Digital SLR cameras are available in a variety of interchangeable lenses according to user needs. It would be better to buy these lenses from the same manufacturer as the body of the camera to avoid any compatibility issues. Digital Slr Camera prices in India largely depend on the manufacturer and specifications. Some of the leading manufacturers of digital SLR cameras including Sony, Nikon, Kodak, Panasonic, Fuji, Canon and Olympus.

DSLR-A-700 is a popular House Sony Digital SLR, which is loaded with high end features including a megapixel 12.24 MP Exmor image sensor for improved picture clarity. The camera SAL1870 comes with versatile multi-purpose lens that is perfect for wide-angle scenes, and also feature long-exposure increases the capacity of noise reduction. This Digital Slr Camera offers a steady shot with ERM image sensor, together with electronic control / shutter transversal vertically with a speed ranging between 1 / 8000 sec. – 30 sec.

12.3 megapixel Nikon D500 is an easy to use the Digital Camera, which has a variable angle 2.7-inch TFT versatile offering a wide range of strokes. Nikon EXPEED trademark processing system Image has the ability to quickly process large amounts of data in an efficient manner. The live firing mode comes with a subject tracking AF, capable of blocking a pre-selected theme for the stability of the image.

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