Kodak Leather Camera

Kodak Leather Camera
How can I get a job plus make money to buy some things?

I’m 14 and will be 14 and 6 months October 28th. I only want 2 things for Christmas and I kinda want to buy them myself without my parents spending too much money. My mom is already buying a Nintendo Wii and I want to be able to pay as much of my gifts without her thinking I want too much. I also have to get $100 because someone stole my Mp3 player and if I buy a new one my mom would want to have my old one.

This is what I want and the accessories but the main thing is what I’m trying to buy:

Kodak Easy Share M893 IS in Grenadine 8.1 MP $149.99
Apple Ipod Touch 32 GB $399.99
+ old Mp3 player- Creative Zen 4GB in black $100

Here are the accessories I can buy at a later time:
Jewelry neck & Wrist Strap pink$8.00
Silver square camera clutch $19.99
1 GB Memory Card $19.95
In case slider case $34.95
Ipod Socks $29.00
Belkin Leather Folio $29.99
Violet and pink fashion ear bud by Sony $9.99 each
Silicon Case $6.99

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Kodak Brownie Vintage Camera