Lady Camera

Lady Camera
what type of Digital Camera is it?

I was at a party last week and a lady had a digital camera, but could put in this small place and print photos directly from the camera! She did not use a computer or anything! kept the camera on a small stand and press this button and print images! Can anyone tell me what type of camera it is! where I can find! and how much it would cost! If there is a connection promblem a web page showing the camera! thanks in advance! your answers are gladly appreciated!

A more flexible solution would be one of the printers independent photographic Epson or HP. For those, simply plug any memory card from your digital camera, choose and change the image of a built-in screen print! I have an HP and has been the success of each event or meeting I brought a. Everyone who brought his digital camera can print photos. Imagine the possibilities on their birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, showers, etc! Watch sales. Can be found at Office Depot, Office Max, Staples, etc for less than $ 80 on sale. Some of the new packages come with battery.

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Caden Dslr Camera Bag Shoulder Messenger Bag Ladies’ Men’S Photographic B Camera