Lcd Screen Guard

Lcd Screen Guard

The Virtual Rear View Mirror

This invention is a small single or multi-part LCD screen that connects to one or more chambers, near the rear of a semi. In essence, gives truck drivers a rear view mirror to enhance driver safety and minimize theft.

Note: If you come with new ideas is easy. Obtaining a patent costs about $ 6,000 and there is no guarantee that your idea will never make a penny. Nor is it so easy to bring forward a company to buy into his idea unless your friends with the director general or have a lot of extra money to travel and make presentations.

Technical Brief Bio

Nase Daniel attended Pacific Lutheran University at the age of 15 years in advancing the University Program and spent much of his time reading the papers in graduate university library. Many of their instructors and mentors were amazed with his ability to think outside the box in business, medicine, mathematics, chemistry and physics. Daniel began working on advanced calculus, Riemann equations and theoretical physics while attending Washington High School. He also participated in the Air Force JROTC and earned a private pilot's license through Clover Park Technical College.

Daniel joined the National Guard at age 16 with parental permission and worked as Apache / Chinook helicopter mechanic for several years before being recommended for an official program of the elite in the field nuclear. For three years he was engaged in the Navy rigorous program of advanced training in Electronics and Nuclear Physics in Orlando Florida. He graduated at the top of his class and spent 9 months in the Mediterranean before being honorably.

Daniel designed and built the AMTECH Thermonuclear Converter at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory from NASA in July 1997. This device provides power to nuclear deep-space satellites and was created during the Pathfinder mission. He also worked in tubes X-ray, electroplating, making silicon carbide crystals, electronic drafting, and generating 3D images in Silicon using two scanning lasers. He won this prestigious summer internship through the MSEP program with Scott Minnix at the University of Washington and Linda Rodgers at NASA.

In 1997 and 1998 helped Daniel to build a mainframe computer from scratch, as part of the Work-Study Program. He also learned AutoCAD and networked computers all four floors Astrophysics University building. After he built the mainframe, Daniel tested and events recorded in the University of Washington's fusion reactor and also worked on the accelerator of RAM.

Daniel had a non-executive role in Infinity Group to work as an installation / Retrofit Engineer III for several years in the semiconductor industry. This is where he applied his training in the military doing the job in network engineering, applications engineering, robotics, UV optics, pneumatics and advanced electronics troubleshooting for KLA-Tencor Corp. He was responsible for the installation and alignment of systems of Starlight and Lightning series reticle inspection worldwide. This gave him the opportunity to improve their ability to speak German, Japanese and French.




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