Leather Case Magellan

Leather Case Magellan

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Ads with the word depuis followed by a date from the past are used by many watch brands as a way to strengthen their heritage, but none can claim a genuine historical lineage as Vacheron Constantin – the company has been doing some of the best watches in the world since 1755. With the development of science technology, a new phenomenon target = "_blank"> Vacheron Constantin reproduction in the world of watches has become. Despite seeing many brands have played a role in the history of aviation, Vacheron Constantin company was only present with the Wright brothers on the beach at Kitty Hawk, North Carolina Thursday morning December 19, 1903, and that made the first flight in aviation history. Initially a series of five, an example is now preserved in the museum of Vacheron Constantin and Geneva. It has a steel case, enamel dial, hands painted red, and a long Leather Strap which allows for use in either the thigh or on a jacket leather. This wristwatch, used for 59 seconds of that historic flight changed the course of history.

Just a year before his 250 anniversary, Vacheron Constantin presented at the SIHH 2004, the new Heritage – a wonderful watch – confirm that in centuries of continuous activity have blunted in the least dimmed entrepreneurship or creative spark of the world's oldest manufacturer clock in uninterrupted activity since its inception.

The combination of craftsmanship of the highest order and watch the inventive techniques, this design Heritage is dedicated to some of the browsers of the history and passengers, eight figures larger than life in the exploration of our planet. The Portuguese navigator Ferdinand Magellan and the Chinese sailor Zheng I are the two leading figures in the series be greeted by Vacheron Constantin.

In a clear homage to the tradition, target = "_blank"> Vacheron Constantin Replica Chronom├Ętre Real watchmakers chose a hand wound mechanical movement for their new collection of Malte chronograph: the legendary caliber 1141, a tried and tested design with an impeccable record technique, mainly because of its fine, reliable, efficient column-wheel construction.

In the style of many a previous model, the new Malte chronograph features a 30-minute totalizer and a second subdial for the execution placed in the 3-to-9-point on the axis, along with one second center chronograph hand.

Vacheron Constantin has long enjoyed a loyal following of connoisseurs watches and the social elite, the kings of numbering, queens, emperors and presidents among his clients. Their watches have been owned by U.S. president Dwight Eisenhower King Farouk of Egypt and Emperor Akihito of Japan, and Hollywood stars like Ingrid Bergman, Tony Curtis and Nicole Kidman.

Only one of attrition these beauties to a party and see the attention you receive. You do not have to approach any woman. With target = "_blank"> Vacheron Constantin Overseas Dual Time Unisex replica on your wrist, the girls approach him. The watch you wear is itself a statement and tells how these women much of its taste. Women prefer men who run rough and tough life and it is surprising to learn that using Vacheron Constantin Replica Watches on the wrist seem harsh and hard. You've invested a princely sum in the clothes you wear and to woo the girl of your life, you also made for hire classic, but what about the watch? Good reputation and clocks are not available for rent and it is in these moments that Vacheron watches Constantin Replica help you out of trouble.

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