Leather Lens

Leather Lens
doing good for my partner?

my friend said i should do good for my partner.maybe a sexy dress hair do nice make up for when he comes home at the weekend.
so we went shopping for the hot dress,he likes leather,pvc,satin etc.
so i found myself a skin tight pvc mini dress.come friday my friend said she help me get ready do my hair etc.she curled my hair helped me get into the dress and did my make up.she said theres one more thing you need to realy stand out.contact lens to my eyes real stand out.ive never used them and was worryed about trying them.my friend just happened to have a pair.so being nervus i let her try to fit them in.she was having problems cus my eyes keep filling up.look up dont move she said,yeah easy when you not nervus.in the end she gave up saying im a big baby.that upset me and she went home.
after all this my question is what was i doing wrong i need to know.

your friend is a betch and needs to stop trying to live through you.

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