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The best digital camcorders and cameras for Christmas

The hottest Christmas gifts this year:

Camcorders Digital Cameras

While many Christmas gifts will gather dust until well into the new year, digital camcorders and cameras digital are sure to be put to use immediately capture the events of the day.

If you want to live all the party games in years come then, video cameras are a great way to ensure those magical moments are never forgotten and can be transmitted to future generations. Today should look for a Digital Camcorder high definition (HD) capabilities. The latest models include:

Sony Digital Camcorder HDR-SR12E – A model elegant and ultra-compact with an impressive high-capacity 120 Gigabytes (GB). Allows up to 48 hours of recording time and produces an excellent image quality, including still images to a resolution of 10 megapixels

• Panasonic HDC-SD5 Digital Camcorder – One of the easiest using video cameras on the market, the Panasonic HDC-SD5 is lightweight and has high definition to a new level, as it is able to record the full 1920×1080 pixel glory HD.

• Canon HV30 Digital Camcorder – Described by its manufacturer as a Video Camera of the filmmaker "digital" The HV30 can adapt to various shooting situations and style features progressive shooting film to provide the appearance of an ambitious filmmakers film.

You may have come to take pictures with our camera phone quick, but how many of us the trouble of downloading images on a PC and print them out? On the other hand digital cameras can offer exceptional image quality with images that are easily accessible and collectible in coming years.

So if you want to help a friend or family member this Christmas capture memories pick up one of the following:

• Fujifilm Z100fd Digital Camera – A thin line of digital cameras available in four colors: cappuccino brown, black tuxedo, silver and shell pink satin. It is an elegant model with a 5x optical zoom lens and many advanced technologies of auto-click.

Panasonic Dmc-FX500 Digital Camera – name Compact Digital camera best in Europe for 2008 by the Technical Image Press Association, the DMC-FX500 has an intuitive touch screen operation and control joystick. It also has an image-stabilized zoom ideal for any subject.

Olympus Mju 1030SW Digital Camera – Described as the "test of life "digital camera, the Olympus Mju versatile is 10 meters water resistant, crush proof up to 100 kilos and shockproof to 2.0m. It also has detection faces for perfect focus in the areas of image and 10.1 megapixels for poster-size prints.

Shopping digital cameras allow us to save those special moments, but if you want something more lively then a video camera are your best bet. Find the best deals on digital cameras and more online.

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