Lens Canon Rebel

Lens Canon Rebel

Rebel XsiCanon Rebel Xsi 12MP excellent camera

I love this camera, which has plenty of options on it to work with it in time is easy to use, but also as a point and shoot this is awesome! I have big hands and it works fine for me, the buttons and the menu is very easy to use, manually zoom and is as fast to focus and take photography, so wow, and quick bursts, this is crazy. The image quality this camera produces, when I print are some of the best I've seen. Well worth your money. Best camera I had.

Rebel XSi – Great camera

I am not a professional photographer by any medium, but I am very good with electronics. I wanted to have a "very good" camera, but I would also be able to use. I bought this camera the days before going to Thailand for their honeymoon. It was great, and the images (about 3000 more than two weeks) was great! It was easy to use, durable and the photos came out very clear. I read the manual in 20 + hour flight and I learned a lot about the characteristics of the camera. It was comfortable in my hands, and I even taught my wife how to use technologically deficient once I was comfortable with it myself! Pictures of our honeymoon were addressed to my protector slide screen on my computer and looked like my friends, thought that the images seemed post cards, and I think that took the pictures and I thought the guard came standard screen on the computer!

I will say this, at first I thought that the screen will have live view and not be forced to look through the eyepiece (similar to most point and shoot cameras today). However, it was not as annoying as I thought, and I'm not sure if any of the cameras Top SLR have this feature (or at least that depends on $ 1,000). Apart from that, the camera was great, pictures were great, and it was easy to use! Am sure there are 100 of features I'm not sure how to use, but I have wanted, I'm sure I can understand. The manual says that it is easier constantly use auto focus options, which I did, and had no complaints!

I would recommend this camera to anyone who likes to vacation, or have children in sports and wants to take great pictures. This camera is one of the latest to leave. And I can not wait to get a larger zoom lens and a Wide Angle Lens for Christmas!

Hope this helps fans out there!

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