Lens Cap Fuji

Lens Cap Fuji
how much would my camera make?


my camera is a Fujifilm Finepix s5800, it was kind of my introduction into photography. it’s a really nice camera, takes awesome shots, has lots of different modes, it’s easy to use, but it’s nothing flashy. it’s basically a nice beginner’s camera or one for the casual photographer. now i want to move on to a more advanced camera like a Canon Eos, so i wanna sell my fujifilm. it has all the cables, a case, a guide, lens cap, strap etc. and i may as well throw in my mini tripod
how much money do you think it would fetch say, on ebay or a private sale? it was around £100 new.

more resources-

first is a review, second is my own personal gallery.
thanks (:
i plan on buying a second hand canon from ebay, i’ve seen many on there with full lense kits and extras going for little over £70 (:

Digital Canon’s with lens kits for £70? Not likely – you were probably looking at Canon film cameras. As fhotoace says, it is better to keep your P&S, you will not get much for it and a spare camera is always handy. Do a completed auctions search on eBay if you want to see what they are fetching.

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