Lens Cap Kodak

Lens Cap Kodak
Why is my Kodak 7.2 Easy Share not chargeing?

My kodak died, with the lens cap fully extended. It will not charge with the USB through the computer or using a wall socket.

When I press the ON button the lens slightly goes in the screen shows the start up screen, then goes black and the lens extends its self out again.

SOS…i have a trip next week and can not afford to buy anther camera right now.

Try checking the user manual and do some troubleshooting, if not it seems like it pretty much doesn’t work and you’ll have to send it in to get repaired… maybe you’re still within your 1 year warranty, if not you’ll have to pay the repair…check how much it costs, it might not even be worth it, maybe it will be better to buy a new one.
And in the meantime, maybe someone will lend you a camera, or you can buy a descartable camera. Good luck!

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