Lens Cap Leica

Lens Cap Leica

Obtaining a useful harvest chamber

Of course you can get a good usable vintage Leica for $ 500 or less. However, it is necessary to understand a few things before choosing one. Leitz made two different systems of 35mm rangefinder cameras.

The old system has a mount that accepts lenses that screw into the camera body (what we call 39mm screw mount or Leica LTM for thread mounting). This system was introduced in 1930 with the Leica I (C) of the model, and continued well into the 1950s to the classic Leica IIIg. At the same time during the 1950s, Leitz introduced a new system that accepts special lenses with a bayonet assembly (instead of screwing, the lens is placed against the flush mounting with a red dot and a quarter lap to fit in place).

This is known as M bayonet system, which began with the superb Leica M3 and continues until the last M8. Well, for $ 500 you want to find a classic Leica her fiance, who probably knows and appreciates the Leica mystique, you can enjoy in your free time.

I love talking about the camera, not the camera for work, because a photojournalist would be doing their job today with the latest digital. No problem. You are on the right track looking at the Leica IIIf. It is a common model with more than 180,000 sold between 1950 and 1957, accepts all the millions and millions of screw mount lenses Leitz made so far (and also in early screw 39mm Mounting Canon, Nikon, and even many Russian-made more objective), and there are always plenty available on eBay.

I do not recommend the Leica IIIg, although it is a better camera, collectors remain floating in the price range of $ 1000. I do not recommend some other previous joint models such as the Leica III, IIIa, IIIc although they are equally common and readily available for less money, who are old enough to cause a lot of problems and frustration. Among the mounting screw models, the Leica IIIf is a great option. Find one that works! Do not take a risk in an example of how the needs of any type of repair.

Search one that has some external personality (as long as there is no obvious damage, a few rub marks or taps are not a problem), the seller guarantees all the works, it should be. And Summit is a fast lens Leitz very well, but get the Elmer 5cm f3.5 location if possible.

Forget the original box (collectors push the price of the original boxes, but there is no advantage there), do not worry about a case (which are separated, sometimes causing more damage to the camera, maintaining moisture), but trying to get a good Leitz lens cap. It is your best bet for a used Leica vintage in the range of $ 400 – $ 500.

Now, if you want to bend a little, and would like to explore the later M cameras in the series, you can probably get a 1960-ish Leica M2 with a 50mm f2 lens Submicron magnificent in range of $ 500 – $ 600. All the same thoughts apply as to the condition, etc. The biggest advantage of the M-series plus the mounting screw old series is that if your boyfriend, the time you want a modern Leica (for work and leisure), the lenses you already have with the M2 be interchangeable with the later camera.

The M3 is too classical desirable among collectors, the M1 has limited features, and could provide an increase in M4 (actually would have to be specifically M4-2 because the original M4 has become very collectible as well), but this model is the first "modern" designs. So there you have, the Leica IIIf or Leica M2, these are your best choice in its price range. As to your question about the values of Leica in general, yes, all they do increase in value.

The vast majority of increases slightly ahead of inflation (over time, not immediately), so not terribly high, but safe enough Like money in the bank (and assuming that you deal only in the best conditions). The historical importance models, and some rare models choice increases a much larger extent, in some cases to the point of being ridiculous. common as the IIIf models only seem to float along with the economy. Therefore, in general, cameras Leica seems to be a good to excellent "investment."

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