Lens Ettl Flash

Lens Ettl Flash

Photo: More on the camera flashes

The most basic flash drives are ideal for casual family pictures, etc … or are dead game on a windy day and the need for little more fill light, it would be a perfect solution. The basic flash units are also beneficial for size and smaller size means less weight and easier to transport, perfect for smaller more compact SLR and point and shoots that have a shoe (the connection plate to mount the camera flash).

Even these flash drives can have a flash power twice or three times of the flash.
Starting from the basic models, the midrange and professional models come with a much larger set of features, settings and controls leaving the photographer with far greater power output and ETTL manual settings and custom settings, exposure compensation, etc. .. of course, with these additional features have a cost. They can be quite expensive, but worth the money used properly.

Advanced flash drives also have a role of slaves, which allows you to use as additional flash units. slave units are triggered by the master flash unit, which is mounted on the camera. It is a very useful feature that allows you to have a greater amount of lighting, and helps in reducing the unsightly background shadows that may occur. There is another useful function called sync with the curtain that allows you (when shooting long exposures) for a light trail after a moving subject. Synchrony with the curtain is the firing of the flash just before the shutter closes.

Another use for curtain sync mode is shooting indoor portraits where to include background in your shot. By using the curtain sync mode, the shutter stays open long enough to allow the ambient light from background in the camera, the flash fires before the shutter closes thereby "freezing" of its main theme.

Another useful addition to the units flash is the AF-assist beam, which are used for low light conditions where other auto focus mode can be difficult. Some flash drives come with a lens Fresnel removed to allow the use of wide angle lenses. The higher end flash units are also manufactured with a small white reflector for maximum benefit to use bounce flash (flash reflected from the white reflector and "bounced" in your subject, instead of firing the flash directly at your subject.)

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