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How to clean a Camera Lens

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You Will Need

  • A brush air or ear syringe
  • A camel hair brush lens
  • A lens cloth or tissue
  • Lens cleaner

Step 1: First brush

Use a blower brush to remove dust and dirt. If you do not have an air brush, use an ear syringe. Then brush the lens with a camel hair brush Lens.

Step 2: Clean the second

Breathe on the lens, then wipe the stain with a cloth or lens lens tissue. If that fails, put a drop of lens cleaner on the cloth and try again. Wipe gently with a circular motion, working outward from the center.

A microfiber cloth lens can be hand washed without detergent and reused. A lens tissue may be used only once.

Step 3: Clean the other parts

Clean the rear lens element and the filters and caps to prevent transfer of dust on the lens.

Do not use alcohol or tissues for cleaning glasses a lens. Each contains chemical additives that can damage or leave a coating on the lens.

Step 4: Keep it clean

Clean your lenses at least possible. Each time you clean a lens runs the risk of scratching or damaging the coating. Always store the camera in a box with the lens cap on.

Did you know what? The first photograph, taken in 1826 in France, requires an eight-hour exposure.

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