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10 Tempting Tips for Fabulous photography

At PhotoBox know how important your photos are for you. That's why we've compiled some more photos great tips to help you improve your photography.

1. Deceptively spacious
If you wear a very wide angle shooting Room indoor photos will look much larger.

2. Tips to avoid outbreaks
Lens flare is a common problem when the sun is low in the sky. Do not affect your photos using a lens hood, or simply using your hand to shield the sun.

3. Focus first
Half-pressing the shutter button activates the autofocus, in doing so before pressing the shutter button down fully, it is more likely more photos sharp focus.

4. Eyes right
When portraits always make sure that you focus on the eyes as they are the most important part of the photo to do well.

5. Learn to anticipate
When photographing an event learn to anticipate what will happen next so you can prepare your camera settings and try to be in the right place at the right time.

6. Follow the action
Experiment with the capture of action shots by panning the camera and after the action. The goal is to get your main subject in sharp focus, but blur the background the emphasis of the movement. Decreasing the shutter speed to get help the desired effect.

7. Fish eye fun
Investment is a specialist fish-eye lens for Digital Slr, which gives a distortion of interest to your images, it is an easy way to add more creativity to your photos.

8. Interesting landscapes
To give your depth of real landscapes and attract the viewer, always include an interesting element in the foreground. This little trick helps give a sense of scale as well.

9. Good groups seeking
With pictures of the group is vital to see all and form a flattering way. Place the tallest people not only in the back of the group, but in the middle, shorter people on each side, and you will a picture relaxed but orderly.

10. Photography is a gift
Transform your favorite pictures into unique personalized gifts for friends and family to enjoy

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