Lens Hood Photo

Lens Hood Photo
Canon Eos Digital Rebel XTi?

ok I bought this for $ 1074 including shipping overight worth or I steal? + Canon Eos Digital Rebel Plus 1 XTi SLR + Sigma 28-70mm f/2.8-4.0 Lens + Plus 1 Sigma 70-300mm f/4.0-5.6 DG Lens + Plus 1 wide-angle converter lens + UV filter + Plus 2 Plus 1 digital wireless 2 bags Flash + Plus + Plus 2 Lens hoods + Plus 2 Lens Cap Holders 1 + Plus 4GB Memory Card Reader + Plus 1 Usb Memory Card + Plus + Plus 1 Hard Transport Case 1 Bedroom Deluxe + Deluxe Carrying Bag Video and Photo Plus 1 Plus 1 Tripod + / Video Camera Mini Tripod + Plus 1 3 PC. Lens Cleaning Kit Company also tried to sell me another battery. They said the "battery pack NB-2LH only lasted an hour and needed to upgrade, is it true that only lasts an hour or when trying to sell something else. Thank you.

Sounds like you bought it through one of the "low prices" online retailers. They offer the best price on the body, then sell you a load of extra accessories to make the difference. In general, the treatment at the end is just … but only if you really wanted all those things. And in most cases, you do not get the "best" accessories. For example, instead of the regular lens kit (cheap, but not terrible) from Canon, Sigma has two lenses. Now, Sigma has some good lenses, but these are not the best. And to get a decent 28 mm (in cash and 35 mm) wide angle have to use that wide-angle converter that sold. A converter cheaply at a mediocre lens will undoubtedly take a little picture quality and is larger. Depending on where you bought it, probably would not have sold the camera unless you bought all too expensive accessories cheap. sorry for the bad news … but-ha reached the "Lotsa matter. Enjoy your new camera. It is a good instrument. After spending some time with her, you may want to investigate other targets that may better meet their needs.

Photo Tip – What is a lens hood, why do we use it?

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