Lens Hood Tube

Lens Hood Tube
Extension tube….this may sound stupid?

do you have to have a specific tube for the mm of the lens

in the same way that you have to have a specific lens hood for the mm of the lens otherwise the image may have the sides of the lens hood in it

does this also apply to extension tubes, or are they all compatible with all lenses (as long as it fits the mount: canon mount, nikon mount etc)


you need to get a tube, specific to the camera you are using …

If you are using a Canon… the Canon extension tubes will work with both the EF and the EF-S lenses. Off brand tubes, will not work with the EF-S lenses.

The tube mounts between your camera and the lens… you don’t need to concern yourself with the mm of the lens as far as fitting is concerned.

You can also stack the different size tubes, to increase the maginification factors.

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