Lithium Battery Kodak

Lithium Battery Kodak

Duracell – Alkaline Battery

Duracell is the world's leading manufacturer and marketer of high-performance alkaline batteries. The Duracell bunny has become an icon on the years with many identify with their height for durability and strength.

However, the story of Duracell began nearly 80 years, when Samuel Ruben, a major inventive scientists of his generation, he joined Philip Rogers Mallory, a manufacturer of wire rack tungsten filament. Joining Ruben inventive genius with the company manufacturing muscle, their association was the basis of Duracell International.

Samuel Ruben inventions revolutionized battery technology. In the midst of World War II, PR Mallory manufactured millions of mercury cells for the war effort. Ruben devised the mercury cell, which packed more capacity in less space and was quite resistant to harsh climates of the theaters of war as North Africa and the South Pacific. The Mallory Battery Company was formed shortly thereafter.

In the 1950s, Samuel Ruben went on to improve the alkaline manganese battery, making it more compact, durable, and longer lasting than anything before it. This license was in great numbers by Eastman Kodak, which has recently adopted a built-in cameras flash drive that requires more energy than modern zinc-carbon cells needed in a new size. Ruben created the AAA, which were made by Mallory and licensed to others.

The photographic demand for power put alkaline batteries in the map – and the Duracell brand was introduced in 1964. Soon the consumer market for DURACELL batteries soared and supplies had to be rationed in the 1970s as manufacturing capacity caught.

Today, as part of The Procter & Gamble, company, based in Bethel, Connecticut, USA, operates a battery of 6-global manufacturing and sells primarily branded batteries Duracell ®. Duracell also markets primary lithium, silver oxide and zinc air batteries. The tradition of innovation started by Ruben and Mallory is still alive and well in the new Duracell batteries like Duracell Ultra M3 ® with technology and other ..

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