Lithium Ion Battary

"I can use a lithium ion AA battary on my remote?

I Rechargeable lithium-ion batteries all in my house. But I worry that tension is often too great for a lot of smaller items. I know they will work in a normal incandescent light flash, but if I pop few solid state like a fluorescent light, which would be a problem? " If so, I can use a battery "blank"? For example, if my take distance two batteries of 1.5 V, If I use a 3.6 V Lithium Ion Battery with a "target" in order to make contact with the other terminal, is that within the operating parameters enough of the device?

It really depends on the device. For some devices this would be good for others would not. I suggest you use the not so good NiMH batteries. by holding fairly well, and do not suffer from memory effect almost as bad as NiCad.

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