Lithium Ion Rechargeable

Lithium Ion Rechargeable
is there a such thing as rechargeable AA or AAAA lithium Ion batteries? or are they all the same?

I want a camera that does not come with a battery and charger. it takes AA batteries. I know that the Lithium Ion disposable batteries last a while, but is there a rechargeable version of LI-ion? thanks.

I happen to know quite a bit about batteries. They are SO cool!
You pose a good question. The perfect battery is the holy grail!
We take what technology offers, though.

Lithium disposable battery cells are real cool, but Li-Ion rechargeables are where it’s at. First it was Ni-Cad, then it was NiMH… now it’s Li-Ion. Use them, but get a charger designed to deal with them. They will explode, if charged wrong. Lithium is very poisonous, if inhaled.

You can find batteries and chargers online at the link provided!

How it’s made Lithium Ion batteries