Megapixel Body

Megapixel Body
Looking to get a new camera…?

I am looking for a new Slr Camera, any suggestions for someone looking for the following criteria?:
–Prefer Nikon or Canon
–Need to add on a lens
–Need to add on a flash
–High megapixel not needed–I have 4.0 now and I love it
–Vibration reduction preferred
–Budget (including camera body/lens/flash): $1000

Thanks 🙂

Well, if you want vibration reduction IN THE CAMERA, you need to stick to Pentax. Nikon has chosen to go the other way and make VR available in the lenses. So far, lens-based VR has tested better than camera-based, so it’s not a bad idea – in my opinion.

For your budget, you can get the following:
Nikon D40X body – $535
(I’m saying D40X instead of D40, because the D40 is ONLY available with a lens that is not VR, so you’d have to buy a VR lens in addition to the one that comes with the camera. The D40X is available as a body-only, without a lens.)
Nikon 18-55 VR lens – $200
Nikon SB600 flash – $185
Sandisk 2GB Ultra SD Memory Card – $25
Total – $935

Pentax K10D, 10.2 Megapixel, SLR, Digital Camera Kit with Pentax Zoom Super Wide Angle SMCP-DA 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 AL Autofocus Lens – $720
Pentax AF-360 FGZ P-TTL Shoe Mount Flash – $220
Sandisk 2GB Ultra SD Memory Card – $25
Total – $965

If you want VR in future lenses, and you should, the Nikon lenses will cost a bit more, because Pentax lenses don’t need it with the camera-based VR. The thing is, Popular Photography writer Michael McNamara has a piece about image stabilization on-line. The two schools of thought are to either put the image stabilization technology in the lens (as Nikon, Canon and Sigma do) or in the camera (as Pentax, Olympus, Samsung and Sony do). He says, “So far, lens-based IS has the lead, with one Nikon VR lens logging a 3- to 4-stop improvement (a few big tele zooms barely reached 2 stops). In contrast, the best result from a sensor-shift DSLR is 2 to 3 stops, with the average closer to 2 stops.” Read the whole article here: There is a chart on page two that is a real eye-opener. Far and away the best at image stabilization is the Nikon 18-200 VR lens, which shows gains of 3-to-4 stops!

Nikon D700 12-Megapixel Digital Slr Camera – Body Only