Megapixel Extras

Megapixel Extras

Samsung Z370: Add that extra zing in your life!

Technology has made it possible for humans to go beyond borders. Today mobile phones are incorporating more and more features to make their mark on the sands of time. Samsung has recently launched the Z370, which masterpiece is another leading manufacturer.

With technological advances, the face of 3G handsets is changing day by day. Samsung is trying to build on its heritage of delivering inspirational design matched with powerful functionality. Samsung Z370 is the new 3G phones in the city with all the modern features ready to govern the consumer's mind. This revolutionary mobile phone is one of the slimmest on the market.

This handset has empowered users to experience and fully engage with the content and applications that are currently available through 3G technology and some of them in HSDPA networks. Coming from a depth of only 8.4 mm thin, weighs only 71 grams. This mobile home of a large landscape 1.93 "TFT screen with two 2 megapixel cameras VGA. It becomes a perfect accessory for lovers of 3G video calls.

Capable of playing music with multiple audio formats and Java games, this candy-bar connected is ideal for all players who are looking for some excitement. The document viewer, speaker phone, micro-card slot for SD and a large number PIM functions added to their characteristics. The phone has a standard GSM / GPRS (900/1800/1900MHz) EDGE and UMTS compatibility. It has a screen 1.9 " with a screen resolution until of220x176 showing 262,000 colors TFT LCD screen in a Landscape. It supports almost all music formats like MP3 / AAC / AAC + / e-AAC.

Weight just 71 grams, this thin-set is ideal for carrying while moving because of their featherweight. The size is 112 x 50 x 8.4 mm, ideal for those who want the body as well as it looks, the Ultra Edition range means that Slim does not have to be tricky.

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