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Ricoh R8 Digital Camera

The Ricoh R8 is a 10 megapixel camera. It has a 7.1x wide-angle lens. The design is different from all cameras more standard digital out there, with a retro look with style.

Why buy the Ricoh R8?
The R8 is a step forward from simple point and shoot cameras. This is true when it comes to quality construction and image quality. Among its features is the stabilization image, a 2.7-Inch Lcd Screen (I found it easy to view even in sunny conditions) and recognition of faces for portraits establishment. Also has an option to produce square photos.

Image quality target = "_blank"> Ricoh R8 test firing

Outdoor 1 (Medium Zoom)
That's a shot with great contrast. There are bright areas of the boats and wooden slats under the roof of the building. Also there are plenty of shaded areas under trees. The R8 manages to carry out an impressive level of detail, especially in areas where clearer than many cameras. This helps keep the details of the vessels are highlighted.

Outdoor 2 (No Zoom)
In this picture sharpness rises well and the scene also shows vividly colors. Many Digital Cameras tend to lose sharpness when the objective is to remove completely, but the camera work is faced with the scene better than most cameras.

Outdoor 3 (Maximum Zoom)
As in the first test fired the colors on the boats are well managed. There is a very small amount purple hue, but in my opinion, the R8 handles this very well when taking into account the more standard zoom lens. The new approach is above average.

Outdoor 4 (Building)
The R8 does very well in this test. The brick in the building is very specific. Even in the shaded areas the camera does a good job. When it comes to focusing the R8 is up there with the best Compact Digital cameras.

Outdoor Portrait
Looking at this picture you can see that the colors are strong. That is fair enough if you like bright colors, but are a little too strong for my taste. Otherwise the level of detail the R8 manages to select is impressive.

Interior Portrait with Flash
The sharpness of this picture is very good indeed and R8 eyes very well chooses. Skin tones are exaggerated. Dan to areas of the cheeks and a bright pink nose that does not exist. This can also be seen on the lips.

Interior Portrait without Flash
When I saw the picture with flash indoors felt the problem of skin tone may have been down to the light produced by the flash. Even with the flash off the skin tones are hard. Otherwise the picture is fine, but could do with a touch of extra brightness.

The colors produced by the R8 has a different feel to them than those produced by most digital cameras of the others I've tried. They are certainly alive and have a lot of shine as well. In some cases the power of color is too much for me.

This is another example of a very precise shot with great definition. The R8 is well above average when it comes to close-ups.

ISO 400 and ISO 1600
At ISO 400 still needs be able to take a decent photo in bright conditions, but the darker areas are attracted to noise. The image quality has broken even more than usual in the standard ISO 1600.

I found the focus and definition to be some way above average. The R8 also took contrasting scenes as well. The colors are very strong and I would rather see these tones in a number of my test shots.

response times release were 0.34 seconds for a single photo and 8.98 seconds for five photos. With the flash on times increased to 0.51 seconds for a single shot and 14.4 seconds for five shots. All these times are standard.

It took 2.36 seconds to turn the R8 and take a picture. This is in line with most digital cameras I've tested recently.

You can compare this camera to other models by taking a look at the Table Shutter comparison.

Style: Ricoh R8 have given a bit of an antique look. This helps you stand out from the crowd. Available in black, silver and two-tone version.

Dimensions: 102 x 58.3 x 26.1mm

Weight: 168g

Batteries: Ricoh estimated to be able to get about 270 photos before the Lithium Ion Battery needs recharging. So battery and charger are supplied with the R8.

Memory cards: 24 MB of storage have been built in the R8. This is sufficient for about 7 photos. The camera also supports SD and SDHC cards.

Ease of use rating: Good. There are one or two additional functions to get used to when compared to a basic point and model shoot. If you are planning to use the R8 as a fully automatic camera then you should be up and running in no time.

Points I like:
LCD screen clarity – new design – clarity

Where to improve:
Skin tones in portraits

There are many digital cameras that I find a clear alternative for the R8. Another 10 megapixel cameras a Wide Angle Lens are: Samsung NV24HD.

I like the Ricoh R8. It is certainly worth considering along with some of the brands widely recognized as Canon, Sony and Panasonic. Apart from some problems with color R8 takes a decent photo in most situations.

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