Memory Card Adapter

Memory Card Adapter

SanDisk mini-SD Memory Card offers enhanced reliability features

SanDisk is the largest manufacturer and world leader in flash storage cards. Cards Memory cards are widely used and offer unparalleled performance in a wide range of applications that require rapid speed, extreme resistance and increased capacity storage. Flash cards are widely used in portable devices. Flash Memory Cards have become a vital component in aviation, automotive, networks, telecommunications and military applications, according to the system designers have found new uses forthese memory cards.

The interface used in the Memory Card Mini-SD is the same as that used in standard SD memory cards. Mini SD href = “” memory card> also provides the reliable technology of the CPRM Content Protection rights management. MiniSD card format, which is an extension of the SD card technologies, has allowed developers of consumer electronics and mobile phones to leverage their existing SD-based architectures and designs. So the designers do not have to alter the design of your system or makes modifications in the software. SanDisk has also introduced an adapter that allows using the mini-SD memory card in standard SD form factor. Therefore, this helps consumers to exchange data between Secure Digital enabled devices. This adapter is very advantageous in that it users to use the mini SD memory card slots in the existing SD card. So this ensures superior compatibility and resulting rapid growth of compatible digital security devices.

According to the IDC report, the demand for flash memory cards in 2007 reached more than 218 million units for cellular phones. Access to advanced applications such as MP3, Internet, gaming, MP3 and other storage-intensive features have contributed to the rapid increased demand for high capacity and small size of flash storage cards. SanDisk is well positioned as a global leader in storage technology flash and took advantage of this opportunity. The SanDisk SD memory cards are mini-lasting robust feature innovative technologies to meet the basic needs modern applications. Minisd Memory Card is 20 mm wide, 21.5 mm long with a thickness of 1.4mm. Volume and track occupied by the memory card mini-SD are 602 mm Cu 430 mm square respectively.

Technology Mini-SD Card was introduced by Matsushita, SanDisk and Toshiba. The SD card format for high-efficiency was developed by these three companies. This storage card format was then by the Secure Digital Association. There are currently over 500 members of the association SD reflecting the popularity of the format of high-speed SD card. Mini-SD cards manufactured by SanDisk cheap are available in retail and OEM channels. An adapter Full-size Secure Digital has been packaged by SanDisk with mini SD memory cards. This has helped SanDisk to further increase its scope to a broader set miniSD set of devices. This feature has offered greater flexibility to consumers and they can now use the memory card mini-SD, in SD slots regular and mini SD card slots.

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