Memory Card Retail

Memory Card Retail
4GB M2 memory card (preferably Sandisk) required within the next 5 days. Where can I get one (retail) ‘cheap’?

A seller on is doing one for just over £27 (yes 4GB) but their postage is £4.50 and well….if there’s one available in a retail store for the same price or a few quid more then I’d rather pop out in the car and buy it in person (especially as £4.50 postage is a con worthy of ebay not an Amazon seller!!).

I’m off to an event on Saturday 12th Jan and intend to use my mobile for photos at the event and am expecting to take a LOT of photos and really need a 4GB card by Friday at the latest. I don’t trust the post to arrive in time if I order through Amazon (or ebay) and I dont want a memory card from ebay as there’s too much of a risk I’ll end up with a fake and the card will crash just as I fill the thing up.

I used to see mem cards in Tesco but haven’t for a while now. Are any other retailers selling them? The local mobile shops are charging stupid prices, i.e. £80+ for even 2gb cards.

Your help is much appreciated. as david put it!

Kingston 2GB Secure Digital Memory Card (SD/2GB, Retail Pack