Memory Card Sony

Memory Card Sony

A brief history of the memory card

Memory cards were introduced around 1990 when technology in mobile phones and Digital Cameras began to evolve and become more complex. Today is not unusual to have a mobile phone with a camera built in 5 mega pixels that allows you to take photos of huge resolution. As storage built into phones is very low, on average around 10 MB, the need for more storage space was so the memory card, the SDcard was one of the first.

While SDcard was the first was introduced this was quickly followed by the miniSD, microSD, the Micro2 MS and Micro SDHC. One of the first manufacturers to jump on the bandwagon with the need for memory SanDisk was, although many others have followed. Not only were used in phones, cameras, and camcorders that were taken also used by video game users treatment in the likes of the Xbox, GameCube and PlayStation.

Memory cards range from 512 MB to 8 GB which is usually a massive good use in high-end range digital cameras. Produce a SanDisk 8GB Memory Stick M2 that many of the new slim Sony Ericsson phones use. With camera phones high multimedia resolution, then large amounts of memory for storage is essential. The beauty of the M2 is compatible with devices that use Memory Stick Pro Duo using M2 adapter. The Memory Stick M2 also comes in storage of 1GB, 2GB and 4GB.

Pro Duo Memory used in consoles like the taste Play Station 3, Sony PSP, Cybershot Digital cameras such as Sony and some of the many Sony Ericsson phones.

The href = ""> microSD cards are used in some of the smaller mobile phones and many come with a special USB adapter, this makes transferring media and from the device quickly and easily. Simply take the microSD card from the phone put it in the USB adapter and paste this into your computer and transfer music directly etc. on the card and then back on the phone or device. MicroSD cards come in sizes of 1GB or 2GB from SanDisk.

The MicroSDHC memory cards used in the majority of Blackberry phones and smartphones such as HTC, LG and Nokia. These are usually either 4GB or 8GB and are used to store a wide variety of multimedia such as music, video and high quality photographs. A card reader can also be used with the memory card ease of use when it comes to transferring media to and from the card.

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