Memory Card Usb

Memory Card Usb
How I can get songs from my computer to a USB Memory Card Reader to put on my phone?!?

Hello. I just bought a memory Usb Card Reader. I tried to transfer or copy songs from your computer to USB, but it says he can not because: "Disk is write protected, remove the write protection or use another disk "How I can remove the write protection? I can? Thanks in advance to anyone who at least try to help:)

What type of memory card is? There is only one guy I know who has a physical protection regime type, and has a sliding plastic piece on the back. Forget what was called, Memory Stick Pro, I think. Chances are pretty good that the phone does not use such memory card, however. This is probably a microSD. In that case, have the memory card reader incorrect for the type of MicroSD can cause windows to card is write protected. If you have an "HC" MicroSD type (high capacity, performance or anything 4 or larger is usually "HC" with a MicroSD card), then you need a "HC" memory card reader type or power will not be stuck for writing.

Using a Microsd Memory Card as a storage device for the Xbox 360

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