Memory Panasonic Camcorder

Memory Panasonic Camcorder
How to get videos from my Panasonic miniDV camcorder to my computer?

I bought the camera about 4 years ago, it’s the little bluish-silver Panasonic miniDV. It has no memory card slot, and only takes miniDV tapes. I do see a Firewire port on the camera, an A/V output, and a port I do not recognize that is smaller than the Firewire port, it simply says DV above it.
Is there any special equipment or installations that I need for my computer to be able to transfer my videos? The more detail, the better.

The “DV” port is the firewire port. ALL miniDV tape based camcorders connect to the computer’s firewire port with a firewire cable. USB will not work.

If your computer does not have a Firewire port, install one.

Firewire, IEEE1394a, i.Link and DV are all the same thing… and neither are USB. They use different communications protocols.

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