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Camera 450D – a full-fledged SLR

I have gained the 450D camera with 2 lens kit (18-55mm and 55-250mm), and therefore actually a good basic equipment.

First the camera:

It is beyond the scope of a comprehensive list of all, for a total of 450D Camera is already a miracle. Therefore confine myself to the points that particularly impressed me.

First is the image sensor. This is the APS-C format, which is slightly smaller that small. This basically has the following effects:

A smaller sensor does not take much light as a larger, taken with the same resolution noise is theoretically slightly larger than a full frame sensor. However, an APS-C sensor size is still 22.2 x14, 8 mm (by comparison, small or a full-frame sensor: 36x24mm). So it is smaller (even smaller than the Nikon Camera sensors), but if you are honest about especially in comparison with conventional image sensors, compact cameras and even the SLR from Olympus are still quite large. The advantage of a larger size small compared to the whole picture is the first time clearly the price. Here one need only look at an example of Canon's EOS 5D or 1D models.

The reason why I'm flogging a long time in the sensor is that the final choice was for me. The Olympus Four Thirds sensor (17,3 x13, 0 mm) According to my research, provides a visible but more noise. Since I can not offer a full frame camera (and I doubt whether it is necessary for my purposes), I feel the Canon sensors Nikon and outstanding as the best compromise between affordability and quality of the actual image.

And what were already in the conclusion to the image sensor: As above, APS-C is quite large and therefore in a position to capture images excellent. On the other hand, technological progress does not stop even before image sensor, so sensitivity to light of today's EPA-C (sensors so old, the chamber 450D is not even), but significantly larger than the models much older.

That is slightly smaller sensor, plus something more compact design of the camera is another significant effect: the focal length of the lens mounted is extended by a factor of 1.6. Full extend from the second to the kit lens also 250mm 400mm. This can occur Tele as you want, I like (or I) just you order this kit, so that's fine.

Enough to the image sensor. And it was important for me, really can manually adjust everything before you press the shutter button. The fun of photography, I found a Praktica 30 years of age. The work was completely without batteries. Therefore, no autofocus, no opening and the shutter speed automatically. Not even a built-in light meter, or a flash. One could call it cumbersome forego certain automatic modes, but exactly the same way the picture makes me funny. And that's why I needed after the sudden death of a new Praktica SLR. To be brief: With the 450D camera can shoot for the first time the right time. And fun again (no comparison to compact). "The next time ', because there are some differences:

– A white balance was not possible with the Praktica. The automatic transmission is the natural light is usually very EOS reliable, the manual is easy to discuss and help where automatic or attacks do not fit the presets () for example, to artificial light.
– The built-in meter Light makes photography even more convenient that separate the time. One can much closer to the target (through the eyepiece and free) not hand
– You can see the images immediately rather than days or weeks later and I can only try again, if the image has become nothing.

Upon arriving to be great with all Digital Cameras may sound trite, but I just take pictures as large as with the purely mechanical Praktica in the film, knows certain advantages to a Digital Camera, but certainly appreciated. That's what comes with the 450D camera. For me it was a dream at last.

In all large appliances such as LiveView LCD screen, picture styles, and I do not want to stop automatic programs. Anyone who opts for a camera of such items should seriously wonder if you really want to spend all that money for an Slr Camera, or if you do a deal still good for half price. Also in this area has been done in the recent years, incredible.

Much more important is really a camera that goes to the final image quality. Since almost all kinds of manual configuration was inevitable that recordings very relation to the committee is sometimes. At least my own fault, and then change its settings. Ultimately, will always be beautiful when I left and then just himself, and not the camera automatically. With improved menus and design with very largely successful in ergonomic buttons and wheel settings are quickly made, so that (if a little familiar with the camera) can make the snapshot. Details as a wrong white balance can be adjusted with the software, the Canon attributed to correct even a posteriori. The requirement is, of course, shot in RAW format. But who purchase itself a reflection, that his pictures in the camera as a JPEG file to have?

When I first wrote about the image sensor, I mentioned the connection between sensor size and noise level. This clearly can not clear: "Up to ISO 400 was the place where the day to run anything. From ISO 800, depending lighting conditions is more or less visible. In ISO 1600 is visible especially in strong artificial noise, for prints up to A5, but the images used to say the least. Maybe even more for larger ones. A natural light, the noise even at ISO 1600, but is still acceptable, despite being highly dependent on the colors and brightness of the faces in the photo.

I also really like the batteries: the user base is not easy. If you take the camera in the desert, take a more water Juice the camera. I think that the least-450D Camera owners necessarily need a second battery.

Maybe a couple of sentences for transformation: the case is indeed "only" plastic, but it seems very stable, very firm, grippy, Passig. Plastic should be nothing wrong. Nobody buys a camera to play football. If the effects of proper treatment, you must have a camera with plastic as good as a metal casing. Today there are already plastic so good that the issue of metal or plastic is rather an aesthetic. I think the 450D is proof of many of this camera.

My conclusion to the camera, then, is in this price range will be comparable to other manufacturers can not find almost anything better.

Since I bought a kit with 2 lenses, I would also like to refer to them.
Since the image circle, light intensity, autofocus and image stabilization are comparable, differ only focal lengths, which will evaluate the two together.

In my recent experience, they are suitable for outdoor day and night long exposures as well. Quality screen corresponds almost exactly what I wanted for my purposes. Why restrict one in place? With a maximum aperture of F3, 5 (target standard) and F4, 0 (Tele) is the luminous intensity is fine, but just not too thick. In good light, therefore possible at ISO 200 and 400 also moved and photographed objects.

For very fast movements that have that high ISO settings, so that one gets when necessary

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